Hire only licensed contractors for your projects.

Hire only licensed contractors for your projects.


Looking for a contractor?  Here are three options:

1.  Call the VCE and we'll get you what you need!  Call Mon-Fri, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, 530-343-1981 (Chico) or 530-674-2030 (Yuba City).

2.  Use our Online Membership List on this page.
** To search by Construction Company name:  Use the Keyword search box with any part of the company name.
** To search by additional Company criteria (City, Phone, etc.), click the “Advanced Search” link.
** To search by Specialty:  Use the "Category" drop down box below to access a complete list or scan the partial expanded list below it.  Click on the type of work for a list of our members who specialize in that trade.  Click the member’s name for more info.  ** If you don't recognize a trade name matching the work you want done, you can also use the Keyword search box.  For example: if you do a search for the keyword "driveway", you'll get a list of all our 'Concrete Contractor' members, which is the correct license type/specialty to construct a driveway. 

3.  Let us advertise your job at no charge - and have the contractors call YOU!  Call or drop us an Email and we'll let you know how easy it is.  Small project or large - we'll be sure you get responses.  Call us or Email Teresa: teresa@vceonline.com.

Remember - Use only contractors licensed to do the work you require.  Using unlicensed contractors can leave you holding the bag.  Check the license at the Contractors State License Board (CSLB) website:  www.cslb.ca.gov.  Match the name, check for violations and look for workers' compensation coverage.

Here's a quick video to help you get started selecting a contractor: "Doing it Right: Hiring a Licensed Contractor" by the CSLB.

Please let our members know that you heard about them through Valley Contractors Exchange.
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